Actress Jasmin Tabatabai shares her optimism for Germany’s #MeToo response

courtesy of Jasim Tabatabai



The #MeToo movement, which emerged from Hollywood in 2017, continues to make waves across the world. We speak with German actress and singer Jasmin Tabatabai about a new committee, “voluntarily founded by employers and employees” in Germany’s film and TV industry, to tackle sexual harassment and violence.

Tabatabai says this independent and confidential platform will be a “safe haven” where one previously did not exist: “Up until today, people did not have any place to turn to. This new initiative…will be a place where they can call, and they will get help.” The committee has been supported, among others, by German Minister of Culture Monika Grütters with startup funding of 100,000 euros, and is backed, among others, by ARD, ZDF, the Deutsche Filmakademie, and ProQuote Film, an organization that aims to achieve gender equality behind and in front of the camera.

Photo from Jasmin Tabatabai