Berlin cyclists fight for better biking infrastructure amid rising CO2 levels

Photo by ilnur kalimullin on Unsplash



Berlin’s cyclists are calling for change as they took to the street on Sunday in protest for better biking conditions for riders. We catch up with Martin Remppis, bike activist and winner of a sustainability award for his suggested bike path, to see how to improve Berlin’s infrastructure amid a climate he claims includes rising CO2 levels, increased mobility, and a climate where a bicyclist dies on Berlin’s roads nearly every 21 days.

Addressing the lack of proper bike path planning, political holdups and increase in car driving in Germany, Remppis tells us that “one demand is to make cycling safer in the city.” Concerning the effects of improving conditions for bikers in Berlin, Remppis says that “if we improve the infrastructure, certainly the number of cyclists will also increase.”

Photo by Ilnur Kalimullin on Unsplash