Federal scrutiny after BAMF asylum scandal and discovery of Russian funding for AfD politicians’ flights: Interview with Handelsblatt Global Editor-in-Chief Andreas Kluth



The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, also known as BAMF, has been in the news ever since it came to light that the office allegedly improperly approved more than 1,000 asylum applications. On Tuesday, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer apologized for the scandal on behalf of the German government. Also in the news: The Alternative for Germany party (AfD) will face a parliamentary inquiry after the discovery that Russian funds were used to pay for former leaders’ air travel. We discuss the backlash of both scandals with Andreas Kluth, Editor-in-Chief of Handelsblatt Global.

“This is grist for the mills of populists and anti-migrant politicians,” says Kluth, adding that an investigation into the asylum scandal could cause for a delay in processing current applications. Concerning the AfD’s relationship to Russia, Kluth says: The AfD-Russian friendship “should make everyone sit up and raise his eyebrows and say, ‘hey what’s going on?’”


KCRW Berlin Visiting Talent Amanda Pridmore is a journalist participating in the German American Fulbright Commission’s Young Professional Journalist Program.