Theatertreffen dramaturge Necati Öziri: ‘We as a society are longing for different perspectives’

photo by Judith Buss



Each May, the prestigious Theatertreffen presents 10 of the most noteworthy theater productions from the previous year alongside platforms for innovative theater work. The International Forum is headed by playwright and festival dramaturge Necati Öziri, and assembles a group of international artists Öziri says bring “a very special social, political knowledge.”

Öziri’s recent play “Get Deutsch Or Die Tryin’,” which debuted at the Maxim Gorki Theater last year, explores the story of a guest worker couple and their son in Germany. The work is presented as a “music album” and shows a minority experience in German theater, where Öziri sees a lack of people of color both on-stage and backstage. He rejects the idea, however, that diversity is important because minorities need the representation. As Öziri sees it, “we as a society are longing for different perspectives,” and theater is a way to understand who he is: “Meeting people who have a different perspective…I start to see that maybe their history is my history.”

Photo from Theatertreffen’s production of Mittelreich – photo (c) Judith Buss 

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