Berlin Gallery Weekend preview with art writer Michele Faguet

thomas struthgrace follow on bottom view 2017 copyright thomas struth



Spring is here and so is Berlin Gallery Weekend. Forty-seven galleries will showcase a variety of artists throughout city. Art writer and editor Michèle Faguet guides us through the highlights of this year’s Gallery Weekend and tells us why Berlin is still a thriving city for art.

Faguet says that the annual event, now in its 14th year, is “a way to show the very creative city that Berlin is.” Faguet tells us which exhibits are not-to-be-missed. Tune in for the full scoop.

Among Faguet’s favorites is Mariana Castillo Deball, a young Mexican artist in Berlin, showing at Barbara Wien gallery. Deball works in different media including film, sculpture, prints and installation. Faguet says Deball’s main interest is “how objects help construct history and cultural identity.”

As to the future of Berlin as an artist’s haven amid ever-rising rents, Faguet says, “Berlin is becoming less poor, also maybe a little bit less sexy, but it’s still a very important art center.”

The featured image is of GRACE-follow-on bottom view by Thomas Struth, (c) Thomas Struth.