For International Women’s Day, Terre des Femmes premieres new film explaining rights for women in Germany


March 8 is International Women’s Day, a globally celebrated occasion to consider women’s achievements throughout history as well as the work still to be done towards social, economic and political equality. Terre des Femmes, Germany’s biggest women’s rights organization, has marked the day by premiering an animated short film entitled “Animationsfilm: Gleichberechtigt leben in Deutschland,” “توضيحي : حياة المساواة في ألمانيا,” or  “Explanatory Video: Living equal in Germany.” 

According to Inge Bell, Vice President of Terre des Femmes, the group “made this film in order to sensitize men and women – but mainly women, refugee women – about their rights here in Germany.” Animator Miriam Barton came up with 12 different topics that illustrate what an equal and independent life in Germany entails and the protective laws in place. The film utilizes a basic visual language that can be understood regardless of language or literacy level.

The resulting short not only explains a woman’s right to choose how she lives, but highlights available counseling and assistance services. Terre des Femmes hope the explanatory film will circulate on social media and above all, that it will be useful to all women, regardless of where they’re from.

Photo by Monika Müller-Kroll.