Highlights from the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games with Editor-in-Chief of Der Tagesspiegel’s Paralympics Zeitung

Thilo Rückeis_Tagesspiegel


This year’s 2018 Winter Paralympic Games were the biggest yet, bringing together 567 athletes from 48 countries plus the Neutral Paralympic Athlete delegation. Ronja Ringelstein, journalist and editor-in-chief of Der Tagesspiegel’s Paralympics Zeitung, joins us to highlight some of the 20 German athletes who have taken home medals this year.

We also hear about the crowds and atmosphere at the games, and her favorite moment so far, when a North Korean and South Korean held the torch together in the Paralympics Opening Ceremony. The games not only foster international relations, but also encourage inclusion. Ringelstein hopes Germany will host the Paralympics in the future as she believes introducing the games to more audiences helps to build enthusiasm for the sports and the athletes involved.

Photo by Thilo Rückeis / Tagesspiegel.