Following the vote of approval for a grand coalition, the SPD’s youth wing is still hoping for change: Interview with Jusos Vice Chairman Delara Burkhardt


The SPD’s youth division (the Jungsozialisten, or “Jusos”) has been vocal in their opposition to a governing coalition with Angela Merkel’s conservatives. But after months of heated debate, a recent SPD vote confirmed that the party will indeed be joining the CDU and CSU to form Germany’s new government.

Jusos Vice Chairman Delara Burkhardt describes the SPD’s decision to form a grand coalition as “disappointing,” believing that “the future government will only protect the status quo.” She notes, however, that the party’s youth division has seen positive consequences from the ideological struggle, including an added level of respect from SPD leadership. “Everyone knows…that there is no renewal of the party without us.”

We caught up with Burkhardt to talk about why the Jusos are hungry for change in German politics, and what the future might hold for Germany’s center left party.

Photo courtesy Delara Burkhardt.