Doris Akrap publishes collection of stories from imprisoned journalist Deniz Yücel exactly a year after his initial arrest in Turkey

Update: According to German authorities, Deniz Yücel has been freed from jail in Turkey after a year in detention for accusations of spreading propaganda.

It has been over one year since German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yücel was arrested in Istanbul. Today, he continues to sit in solitary confinement without any formal charges filed against him. Yücel’s friend and fellow journalist Doris Akrap, who recently published a collection of his stories, has voiced her concern about Germany’s actions to secure his freedom.

While German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has said he’s working towards Yücel’s release, “nothing has happened” after a year of chargeless incarceration, says Akrap. She is also concerned about Gabriel’s proposed weapon-exchange with Turkey as a means of securing Yücel’s release: “My hope is that they are not talking about dirty deals.”

Despite his precarious situation, Akrap describes Yücel as a humorous yet mission-minded author, who is using his circumstance to work towards a greater purpose. She says that Yücel continues to embrace his role as journalist and sees his confinement in prison as being “not just for fun,” but rather an opportunity to tell the world about what is going on in Turkey.

Photo: WikiCommons.