The “Club of Polish Losers” adds politics to their agenda of art and irony


Der Club der Polnischen Versager, or Club of Polish Losers, has been a cultural institution in Berlin for more than 15 years, and is known for satire, book presentations and art events. This year, the Polish Losers will add political engagement to their program.

They recently hosted an event to this end, with former Pirate Party member Katharina Nocun explaining the process of starting a political party to attendees. As of January this year, the Polish Losers have also founded Die Polnische Partei Deutschlands (PPD), or Polish Party of Germany, an initiative they hope will shed light on the German democratic system by delivering a program of talks and public events throughout the party formation process. The project, which is supported by Germany’s Federal Agency for Civic Education, is a response to, among other things, the rise of far right movements in Germany and Poland, which the Polish Losers have noted with concern.

The PPD also aims to convey the importance of multiple voices in politics. According to a former Pirate Party member who attended Nocun’s talk, it’s vital that citizens know how to start political parties in order to bring as much variety as possible to Germany’s political landscape. Variety, and perhaps a little irony, too.