Tactical Tech on the pros and cons of the ‘Internet of Things’

Wires and Cables by Randall Bruder.


The “Internet of Things,” or the networking of appliances, vehicles and more, is a rapidly growing field of tech innovation.  Cade Diehm, Digital Security Coordinator at Tactical Tech, thinks people should hold off on buying into this “home automation,” questioning the current technology’s accountability and security. Yet despite his apprehensions about Internet of Things technology, Diehm wears a smart watch.

Why? Because, like most new developments in tech today, there’s a huge convenience factor: Diehm’s watch allows for time zone support (important to him because his family and friends are spread across the world) and it has a medical ID. That means if he’s in an accident, a paramedic can simply look at Diehm’s watch and determine his blood type and necessary contacts.

Diehm says, despite this apparent contradiction, he nevertheless thinks people should be “utterly critical of the current state of this technology.”

Marlene Melchior speaks with Diehm as well as Tactical Tech Digital Security Coordinator Rose Regina Lawrence to consider the pros and cons of buying into the Internet of Things, and how to balance caution with a desire for convenience.

Photo by Randall Bruder.