Dance performance ‘Immersive Mediation’ challenges norms of human interaction


A dance piece by Roland Walter and Reza Mirabi was recently performed during Tanztage Berlin at the Sophiensaele in Mitte. For Mirabi, the work doesn’t aim to offer just the “wonderful spectacle” that many expect of dance. “Immersive Mediation” instead invites audiences, as the name suggests, to immerse themselves in the dancers’ practice and the questions it provokes.

Walter, who has spastic tetraplegia, sees dance as an opportunity to challenge social norms, and even his own assumptions. With the help of an assistant and a translator, he explained how he first began as a dancer. “It was always interesting for me what’s possible with the human body, but I also thought that I’ll be too disabled to be a performer onstage. But then I found myself in this group of dancers by accident, and that’s how it all started.”

Photos by Anja Samy.