Former White House Chief Photographer’s intimate snapshots of Obama presidency on display at Museum THE KENNEDYS

Jan18-Photo2-© Pete Souza _ Courtesy of the Museum THE KENNEDYS


The Obama presidency is marked by iconic moments caught on camera: from tense scenes in the situation room to intimate interactions between the former president and a young boy, these moments – around two million of them – were all captured by former White House Chief Photographer Pete Souza.

An exhibition featuring 65 of these photographs is currently running at Museum THE KENNEDYS in Mitte. Felix Tauche, Acting Director of the museum, says it is fitting to explore Obama’s legacy in the building originally containing material relating to Kennedy. “Both of them are hope bearers of the generation, Kennedy 1960, Obama 2008,” Tauche said.

We speak to Tauche about Souza’s role in creating Obama’s image, some of his most iconic photographs, and the photographer’s use of social media to comment on politics today.

Photo © Pete Souza. Courtesy of the Museum THE KENNEDYS.