DJ couple SpatzHabibi balance Berlin’s nightlife with parenthood


Spatz Habibi Graphic

DJ duo SpatzHabibi have been part of the underground club scene in Berlin for years.  These days, when not looking after their son, Sophie Funke and Pete Littlewood can be found performing at venues around the city and running their label Polychrome Sounds.

Creating their own label in Berlin “wasn’t 100% about music… it was a lot about just being involved and creating like a kind of community or a family feeling; that’s what the label feels like,” said Littlewood. And how do they balance this creative life with the demands of their own family? “What helps a lot is that Otis is pretty chilled out.” That, and the ability to keep an entire music library in their pocket thanks to digital technology: “less to carry!”

Marlene Melchior catches up with the duo-turned-trio to discuss life with a baby, their label, and what’s coming up in the alternative music scene in Berlin.

Photo by Marlene Melchior / Graphic courtesy SpatzHabibi