A divided SPD enters into grand coalition talks with Merkel’s conservatives: Interview with Handelsblatt Global Editor-in-Chief Andreas Kluth

Martin Schulz, CC0, Source: Pixabay


Last Sunday, delegates from Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) voted in favor of coalition talks with Merkel’s conservatives, reversing a decision announced after the German federal elections in September. Negotiations are expected to begin today, but not everyone in the SPD is on board.

The left wing of the SPD and its youth wing (the Jungsozialisten, or “Jusos”) believe they can prevent another grand coalition, with the Jusos launching a campaign to actively recruit new party members in hopes of influencing the final vote on the coalition agreement expected next month.

The SPD delegates are split between “head and heart,” explains Andreas Kluth, Editor-in-Chief of Handelsblatt Global. Kluth breaks down the SPD’s current dilemma, and what may come next after this latest episode in the ongoing effort to form Germany’s next government.