‘Break My Fall’ director Kanchi Wichmann on her new web series inspired by being single in Berlin


“Mixed Messages” is a new comedic web series from Kanchi Wichmann, inspired by her own trials and tribulations being single in Berlin.

“So many people that I’d speak to related to my experiences, and I realized, ‘oh, this isn’t just me,’” Wichmann said with a laugh. “I’m not just having a really bad time – it’s like, everybody I know, whether gay or straight or lesbian or trans or cis or black or white or old or young – everybody seems to be having these kinds of confusing experiences.”

Before “Mixed Messages,” Wichmann wrote and directed “Break My Fall,” which was the first British lesbian feature film to get a cinematic release in the UK.

Marlene Melchior reports.

Photo courtesy Kanchi Wichmann.