Berlin state secretary proposes making visits to concentration camps required part of integration courses for new immigrants: Interview with Handelsblatt Global Editor-in-Chief Andreas Kluth

Auschwitz. Source: Pixabay


Offizielles Foto - Sawsan Chebli

Berlin state secretary Sawsan Chebli of the SPD says that it should be mandatory for newcomers to Germany, like migrants and refugees, to visit former Nazi concentration camps.

Chebli, who is of Palestinian heritage, proposed making the visits a component of integration courses, which Editor-in-Chief of Handelsblatt Global Andreas Kluth thinks is a great idea.

“If you come to Germany, if you seek refuge here, then you have a duty to accept the narrative of the land you’ve just entered, and that includes being responsible with the past and the Holocaust,” said Kluth.

Marlene Melchior reports.

Portrait courtesy Berlin Senatskanzlei.