Author Jessica Lee looks forward to FlussFilmFest 2018 as a way to convey the importance of freshwater ecology



Jessica Lee, a writer in residence at the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, has a special relationship with water. She recently published a book entitled “Turning: A Swimming Memoir,” which documents her attempt to swim in 52 German lakes in 52 weeks.

“It’s about having a respect for water as limited, especially fresh water,” she said, describing her motivations for the endeavor.

She is also a researcher on a floating laboratory in Brandenburg’s Großer Stechlin lake, where she and a team of scientists conduct studies on freshwater biodiversity and climate change.

She spoke to KCRW Berlin about dealing with cold weather swims, the environmental documentary film festival FlussFilmFest, and her own journey with water research.

Photo by Ann Haeming.