Add data protection to your list of resolutions for 2018, says Tactical Tech digital security coordinator


We all make New Year’s resolutions and tech can be a great way to help keep us accountable or monitor our progress. Whether trying to lose weight, exercise more, or even quit smoking, there’s no shortage of apps offering to track and analyze our habits. But what happens to that data? Where is it stored, and who has control of it? Could it be used against us later?

Rose Regina Lawrence from Tactical Tech says those using an app or device to stick to their resolutions should be sure to read the terms and conditions, and make sure they’re comfortable with how and where their data is being stored. Our best bet, according to Lawrence, is to choose apps that are open-source and store data locally on our devices where only we can access them.

As a digital security coordinator, Lawrence also advocates entering the new year with a tech resolution. Her suggestion? A password manager, which she says is “an excellent entry point to keeping yourself a bit safer online.”

Photo by Gilles Lambert.