Naschmarkt brings together locally produced sweets at Markthalle Neun


Naschmarkt is a dream for people with a sweet tooth: rows and rows of cakes, chocolates, cookies and more, all produced locally in the Berlin and Brandenburg area. 

Naschmarkt events take place throughout the year, most recently on the first Advent weekend at Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg. Three participants were awarded the distinction of “Süße Schnecke,” or “Sweet Snail,” for bringing the best sweets. Marlene Melchior visited the market to speak with organizer Pamela Dorsch and meet the winners of the “Süße Schnecke.”


Corrected on December 5th, 2017: it was previously stated that Naschmarkt is an annual event, when in fact it takes place throughout the year.