Breitscheidplatz memorial unveiled at Christmas market for the victims of 2016 terror attack


A new memorial unveiled at the Breitscheidplatz Christmas market on the one year anniversary of the terror attack shows a crack in the pavement, filled in with a gold-colored alloy made of bronze. The names of the 12 victims are engraved into the steps leading up to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

Pablo von Frankenberg is a creative director at mm+ which was responsible for designing and executing the memorial. He said the crack is a symbol for the crack that ran through society on December 19, 2016.

“By filling it in, we try to cure this crack,” said Frankenberg. “We try to still let it be visible, still show it, still show the injuries that still remain after the attacks, but we wanted to show that our society is stronger than that. That by looking at what happened, then we can be stronger than terrorism.”

Sylvia Cunningham reports.

Photo credit mm+.