Formerly a silent movie theater, Delphi to reopen in December as center for arts and culture


In the 1920s, Filmstadt Weißensee in Berlin thrummed with life. Many of the greats, including Marlene Dietrich and Fritz Lang, could be spotted at Caligariplatz. Starting in December, the Delphi, formerly a silent movie theater and a relic from the era, will reopen as a cultural center for opera, concerts and more.

“We feel very grateful to have the opportunity to take this old, forgotten place and give it a new life,” said Artistic Director Brina Stinehelfer.

Stinehelfer joins Marlene Melchior to explain the historical significance of the theater’s location, the setbacks along the way to renovating the space, and what audiences can expect from this next chapter.

Photo by Peter Gesierich courtesy Stummfilmkino Delphi.