Can Berlin stay affordable? Interview with Berliner Mieterverein Deputy Director Wibke Werner


Will Berlin take progressive steps in time to prevent a housing crisis, as Amsterdam and Vienna did years ago? Or is the city doomed to follow in the footsteps of Paris, London and Prague and force affordable housing to the periphery?

A new interim report from the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing states that Berlin will need 194,000 new apartments by 2030 to keep up with the city’s growth and relieve the tense housing market. Many have concerns that the policies currently in place are not enough to maintain the balance between higher-end and affordable housing.

Monika Müller-Kroll speaks with Berliner Mieterverein Deputy Director Wibke Werner on the effectiveness of current measures, and if they will be enough to keep Berlin an affordable city for all.

Photo Andrij Bulba.