‘It’s all about the coffee beans…’: Interview with Cynthia Barcomi of Barcomi’s Deli


Cynthia Barcomi is celebrating over 20 years of Barcomi’s Deli in Berlin, with stores in Kreuzberg and Mitte. The former dancer-turned-baker-entrepreneur-and-author talks about her own start in the business, securing her first loan through the sheer force of her baked goods, and how Berlin food culture has developed over the years.

From the concept of the 10-fingered bagel machine, to her happiest baking moments (in her pajamas), to the rising power of the Berlin Gastronom – Barcomi recounts her culinary journey along with the city’s own, from industrial to alternative. “It’s all about the coffee beans,” says Barcomi.

Cynthia Barcomi is an author, baker, entrepreneur and long time Berlin resident. The veteran gastronomist is currently taking part in Berlin’s annual Food Week.

Photo Alexander.Hüls